Earth population

For 2024, the world's population is 7 597 124 101 people. The first place in terms of population is China (1.402 billion people). First place in urban population is Chongqing, China (29.9 million people). Data was obtained from open sources.

The first 10 countries by population

# Country Population
1Flag of China China1402500000
2Flag of India India1370602000
3Flag of United States (US) United States (US)331427186
4Flag of Indonesia Indonesia266911900
5Flag of Pakistan Pakistan217375508
6Flag of Brazil Brazil211338180
7Flag of Nigeria Nigeria206463676
8Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh170395248
9Flag of Russia Russia146748590
10Flag of Mexico Mexico126577691

The first 10 cities by population

# City Population
1Flag of China Chongqing29 914 000
2Flag of China Shanghai24 150 000
3Flag of China Beijing21 705 000
4Flag of China Tianjin14 425 000
5Flag of Nigeria Lagos13 123 000
6Flag of China Nanyang12 010 000
7Flag of India Mumbai11 978 450
8Flag of Brazil Sao Paulo11 895 893
9Flag of Russia Moscow11 514 330
10Flag of Pakistan Karachi11 234 942

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