List of cities in Tajikistan by population

The list consists of the largest cities Tajikistan Flag of  Tajikistan. In total, there are 17 cities in Tajikistan. The largest city is Dushanbe with a population of 730 500. The total population of Tajikistan is 9127000 people - 0.12% of the total population of the Earth.

# Name, city Population
1Dushanbe730 500
2Khujand163 000
3Kulyab95 200
4Kurgan-Tube75 300
5Istaravshan55 200
6Tursunzade47 100
7Kanibadam46 500
8Isfara43 100
9Penjikent43 000
10Kairakkum40 600
11Vahdat40 100
12Chkalovsk28 400
13Khorog28 000
14Nurek25 000
15Taboshar14 400
16Sarband13 900
17Rogun13 300

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In total, Tajikistan has 17 cities with a total population of 9127000 people for 2024.
The largest population in Dushanbe is 730 500.

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