List of cities in Palestine by population

The list consists of the largest cities Palestine Flag of  Palestine. In total, there are 13 cities in Palestine. The largest city is Gaza with a population of 400 000. The total population of Palestine is 4816503 people - 0.062% of the total population of the Earth.

# Name, city Population
1Gaza400 000
2Al Khalil (Hebron)229 258
3Khan Younis200 000
4Nablus (Scheme)130 000
5Jabalia103 600
6Rafah96 000
7Ramallah57 000
8Tulkarm54 281
9Calquilla40 000
10Byte lahia40 000
11Byte-Lahm (Bethlehem)28 000
12Ariha (Jericho)20 500
13Janine20 000

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In total, Palestine has 13 cities with a total population of 4816503 people for 2023.
The largest population in Gaza is 400 000.

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